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Vidya Prabodhini Prashala English 5th to 10th    25-Dec-2019
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"The whole purpose of education is to transform the mirror into a window"
Welcome to CHME Society's (Central Hindu Military Education Society) Vidya Prabodhini Prashala English Medium School, situated at the prime location of Nashik.
Our philosophy of Education has always been to educate our students for the future and nurture their academic, cultural, Physical, Social and emotional potentials. We embibe Traditional Indian Values and modern values in our students to equip them with modern skills and aptitude required for academic excellence and enable them to face the challenge of life in a balanced and harmonious way.
We believe that every student in unique and special and it is our responsibility to educate them to bring and nurture the best out of every student.
Our school came into existence to provide a perfect balance of academic, Sports, artistic and Social opportunities, which will develop in them Self-expression, Self-confidence and Self-esteem.
Besides rigorous scholastic programs, we inculcate Military traits and attributes in our children. We train and prepare our students for NDA as well as other competitive exams through a methodical and well-designed Military training. We have designed 64 sessions, in std 7th and 8th known on "Ramdandi Training". Which give our students basic skills like Archery, Horse riding, gymnastics, Swimming, Mallakhamb, Yoga, Shooting, drill, Karate etc.
We strongly believe that the process of education is a collaborative efforts of professional Administrators, dedicated and committed teachers, motivated students and he responsible parents.
So lets pledge together to take our school to new heights to prepare our students to become future leaders and fulfill the dream of the visionary Dr. Shivram Moonje which he saw for our Indian youths.